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Home Care Packages Service


Many of mecwacare’s in-home services are available through Home Care Packages, part of the Federal Government’s Living Longer Living Better aged-care reforms. The aims of these packages are to help both older people and people with disabilities to keep living at home, and to introduce more choice and flexibility for those receiving care at home.

Packages range through four levels, from basic care to high care. You can make choices about the type and delivery of your services, as well as which provider helps you and when. At mecwacare we work to integrate each health and wellbeing service to provide you with quality care that is tailored to meet your needs yet has the flexibility to vary as your needs change.

mecwacare is a recognised leader in in-home nursing and care services. Our team of qualified and experienced nurses has a strong commitment to providing personalised care that is focused on maintaining independence.

To be eligible to receive a Home Care Package you must be assessed and approved for a package by the Aged Care Assessment Services (ACAS). You can be referred to ACAS through your GP, district nurse, hospital or health professional, or you can refer yourself. Assessments are free of charge.

Once approved you can receive our services by contacting us directly, or you can be referred to us by your doctor, another health professional, a family member or a carer.

For more information on the services we offer through our packages, please visit our Home Care Packages page.