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Our Commitment


mecwacare is an inclusive organisation that respects diversity by embracing each individual’s unique dimensions, including knowledge, skills and perspectives that may result from race, ethnicity, language, gender, sexual orientation, socio-economic status, age, physical ability, religious belief(s), political belief(s), work experiences, geographic location or other ideologies.

Our Diversity and Inclusion Strategy (the Strategy) aligns with the vision of mecwacare to deliver care and services in collaborative, respectful partnerships with all stakeholders. The strategy supports organisational capacity building and guides decision making and practices that impact equal opportunity and inclusiveness. mecwacare continually evaluates progress to systematically identify diversity challenges and vulnerable persons,  and focuses on enhancement of a responsive, participative, equitable, safe and respectful environment.

Model of Care and Services

mecwacare is an inclusive organisation that respects client and resident choices and diversity in the provision of care and services in supportive environments that are responsive to the values important to our clients and residents.  The life of our clients and residents is central to care planning and delivery, enabling a flexible and responsive transition through our services.

mecwacare will provide inclusive care and services based on the needs and respect for the diversity of all residents and clients through:

i.    Client and resident centred care with a focus on the needs, preferences and outcomes relevant to the individual and the care relationship.

ii.   Recognition of the client/ resident as a partner in personalised goal setting and care planning.

iii.  Tolerant communication to ensure clients and residents are informed and consulted.

iv.  Supportive and compassionate care and services that are responsive to the diverse needs of the client, resident and carers.

v.   Professional behaviours that respect the needs and preferences of the client, resident and carer to deliver care that is based on best practice standards and research to ensure we are offering the best service.

vi.  Care partnerships that encourage organisational referrals with structures to promote the continuity of care.

Innovation and Technology

mecwacare is actively engaged in the use and implementation of technology solutions to assist us to provide assessment, care and support for our clients.  We are proud of the diversity of our clients and staff and we understand the inclusive nature of technology in relation to enhancing wellbeing, improving independence, communication and quality of life.

mecwacare is committed to investing in technology and supports government initiatives such as the National Broadband Network, eHealth and TeleHealth.  We continue to work with key partners on the adoption of new technologies to ensure our clients benefit from accurate data gathering, timely information and the best in available resources.

Environmental Management

mecwacare is committed to minimising the impact of our operations on the environment. mecwacare will comply with all applicable legislation and strive to continuously improve best practice. Our commitment supports our vision - “To maximise the quality of life for the Victorian community”.